The Academy

The Data Science Summer Academy is an intensive week-long program to introduce high school students to the fast-growing field of data science.  Students explore ways to analyze data, and learn how to create innovative solutions using digital information to make a positive impact in our society. The program was held at DePaul University’s Loop campus from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on June 25th-29th, 2018.

Participants engage in hands-on activities taught in a computer lab setting and are taught by full-time DePaul faculty members with real-world experience. Students use the latest computer applications to build visualizations, to analyze and extract information from data. Projects are drawn from real-life applications around topics that are of interests to the students.

The Academy provides students with valuable educational experience and an advantage in today’s competitive world of college admission.


The program accepts applications from Chicago Public Schools High School students who have completed their sophomore year by July 1, 2018. Students should have taken the “Exploring Computer Science” course or equivalent, and a course in geometry and/or algebra to be eligible.


The DePaul Data Science Summer Academy was made possible by a grant from the KDD Impact Program of the SIGKDD.

The KDD Impact Program aims to support projects that promote data science, increase its impact on society, and help the data science community.  The DePaul proposal is one of the seven outstanding proposals that received funding. There were 75 submissions in total from 20 countries.

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